Friday, 21 September 2007

Back at the Club

Central Station (3rd day)
I went back to the Art Club yesterday and tried to pick up where I'd left off. It was a pleasant surprise to find that, while I was away, I won last month's prize for a "holiday painting." Two bottles of wine never go amiss.
As expected, it wasn't easy getting back into the painting of the Central Station and a great deal of time was taken up talking to Plastic Man and others, and drinking coffee.
But eventually I began to recapture the mindset and was able to make some progress. Looking at it at the end of the day, I can see that, with a little more work, the cars will sit OK in the picture. However, I think I may be minded to strip out the long line of them on the left and simply keep the small group at the right. We shall see.
I've been asked to provide an image for possible inclusion in the publicity for one of Figure 8's shows next year. In fact I've been asked for the titles, sizes and prices of all of the work to be included in that show. This will probably be very difficult to do, given that I haven't painted any of them yet!
However, I think this Central Station painting may be one of them. To get it finished in time to provide a photograph, I guess I'm going to have to collect it from the Club and bring it home. Bugger.


Jafabrit said...

your painting has an edward hopper feel to it, and that is a compliment, okay smack me!

congrats on the prize, the painting is fabulous.

Mr Zip said...

You should know by now that I wear a Hopper compliment with pride.

ian gordon said...

Hopperesque, yes. Which, as you say, is no bad "influence" to have.

And I really (really) like that line of cars on the left.

Mr Zip said...

Having mulled over the cars for a day or two, I now share your enthusiasm for the line of them at the left. I think the group on the right needs more atention instead.