Monday, 24 September 2007

Language Mangle

The Nice Doctor and the Practice Nurse work in a Health Centre. The Health Centre has introduced a touch screen to enable patients to announce their arrival without having to bother the Receptionist.

I touch the screen and it asks me for my birth date. I touch the appropriate month, then the day of the month. The touch screen asks me for my gender.and I touch "Male."

"Welcome Mr Zip, " says the touch screen. "You have an appointment with the Practice Nurse at 11.50. There is currently a delay of 5 minutes."

There is another button to touch to notify the Practice Nurse that I have arrived for the appointment.

"Arrive me, " says the button.



ian gordon said...

I'm afraid I would just LOVE that. I haven't seen a doctor in years. But if he had one of those I'd be there tomorrow. - Or maybe next month, according to the waiting list...

Mr Zip said...

But ... but ... "Arrive me?" Couldn't we have "Announce me?" I know, I know, lowest common denominator. But I do not like intransitive verbs becoming transitive.