Thursday, 17 January 2008

The First Vaporetto Again

I went to the Art Club today - the first visit since before Xmas - and renewed acquaintance with the first of the Vaporetto series. I'd forgotten how much I'd moved it on since I posted an image of it here.

For various reasons, I didn't have the time I needed to get back into it, so just sat with some of the guys and caught up with the crack. But every now and again, I'd sneak a look at the picture and surprise myself with how it seems to have taken a slightly different route from the others, probably because it's been done in a different studio environment. It's much more restrained in terms of colour, having a somewhat misty look to it. It may well change as I get back into it, but I like it the way it is at the moment and there are things about it I'll try to keep.

Vaporetto No.1 (2nd stage)


Casey Klahn said...

Very interesting series - a new "take" on Venice.

Mr Zip said...

Thanks Casey. I'm really quite captivated by this subject.