Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Pushing on

Vaporetto 2 (third day)
I decided I need to push on with one of these vaporetto pictures and get it to a conclusion. I have no real idea of what any of them will look like when complete, so having one finished could be very useful.
I started today's work by glazing over the water with a greenish-blue mixture of phthalo turquoise and raw sienna, then scraping it lightly off again with a palette knife. It's a little dark now, but I think it's working better as compositional band between the vaporetto roof and the canal-side buildings. When it's dry, I'll think about dragging over some blue again to re-establish the waves.
The figures are coming to life a little more, although I have no intention of making them very realistic. What I'm after is an understanding of the space they occupy, and gradually working over them, changing their position slightly, altering the colour build-up, gives me that.


Anna said...

You could make a triptych.

Mr Zip said...

But ... but .. there are already five of them.

Anna said...

Less a series, more an obsession? No; in view of the changing light effects, they are in the tradition of Monet's Rouen & haystacks studies.