Friday, 7 March 2008

Back on the Grand Canal

Vaporetto 3 (work in progress)

I returned to this other vaporetto picture yesterday determined to move it along. I've knocked in rather roughly a new background which I think will work well. At the moment it needs pushing further back and the columns, balconies and windows need development, but it looks OK today and I'm not disappointed with yesterday's work.

I'd have preferred to work on it again today, but there's still a tackiness to the paint, so I'll have to be patient and turn my attentions elsewhere.


Don Gray said...

You do intriguing work. Your use of color is very appealing and original. Really enjoy this "Vaporetto" series.

Mr Zip said...

Thanks, Don, and welcome to Boogie Street. I hope you like the rest of the series when I publish them here.