Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall (oil on canvas, 12 x 14 ins) SOLD

This is how it looked when I handed it in yesterday. I'd come to the conclusion that there were too many colours fighting one another, so I dispensed with the purple sky and opted instead for one made from ultramarine with a little cadmium orange in it (both colours used in the rest of the painting).

I also managed to get a little work done on one of the Vaporetto pictures. These will represent my main occupation in the next few weeks, if I'm to have sufficient work ready for the show opening in April.

Caught in the Spotlight (work in progress)


Doctor Pam said...

Nice work, Mr Z! I'm really liking the bold reds and yellows -- great contrast with the town hall building itself. I'm also enjoying your use of light (no surprise there). Taken though I was with the sky in its original purpleness, I think you've done a good job with it now, and the picture hangs together really well. It makes a good companion piece for the Shipley Town Hall one. With two pictures of such quality, Gateshead Library would be foolish not to forgive you for the lack of a third.

Mr Zip said...

Thanks, Dr Pam, glad you approve. I don't think the Gallery will be short of pictures, judging by the number arriving while I was there yesterday. But there *will* only be two of mine.