Friday, 21 November 2008

Continuing the Small One

St James's Park (work in progress)

I wonder how interesting it is for you to see me post these images which change almost imperceptibly? I worked on this for three hours, breaking off for unlimited cups of coffee (the Club's system has changed - 50p for any number of cups, instead of 30p a cup) and yet it doesn't seem to have changed a great deal. I know it has, in that the paint has become more complex, with little patches of colour showing through new layers, but the scale is so small (9 x 12 inches approx) that it's difficult to appreciate it sometimes.

Oh well, whether you're interested or not (and obviously I'd like to think that some of you are), I find it useful to record the changes here, however small.


Serena said...

Both of the pictures you have posted are in my dashboard, and if you whizz the slider button up and down between them, you can really see the difference! Not recommended for people prone to headaches, but an excellent way to see progress. A slideshow of sorts- I shall look out for the next installment :o)

harrybell said...

Good! I'm glad they serve a purpose other than to keep me amused. Thanks. Next instalment won't be until Thursday, unfortunately, when I next go to the Club. I must get something substantial under way in the studio here. I'm toying with some nocturnal, or at least early evening subjects, but haven't decided on the size yet.

Julie said...

Just catching up after a hectic week - I'm fascinated to see the subtle changes you've made; when oil painting I find it harder to bring the piece to a finish than to underpaint loosely in the first place. Interesting to see the sky taking shape. Like one of those 'spot the changes' cartoons!

harrybell said...

I could happily start several paintings a day, but I'm really bad at finishing them. Something i should address.