Friday, 7 November 2008

More Barley Mow Progress

Barley Mow (work in progress)

Another two or three hours at the Club and the Barley Mow (incidentally, it's pronounced Mao) is moving along quite well. I sat and pondered the profusion of chimney stacks, but came to the conclusion that I like the way they flicker across the surface. The many windows may not be treated so favourably. There's also the problem of that big grey building at the top right. It's actually a clumsy 1970s office block made with rectangular modules which will take some thinking about.

I've lightened and greyed down the road to give a little contrast with the brighter buildings and the cars which had been about to park in the forecourt of the building front right have been cleared away. Eventually I found I couldn't go further without either a mahl stick or leaving it to dry. As I don't have a mahl stick at the Club, I decided to leave it to dry for a week.


virtual voyage said...

Made me think of Trevor Chamberlain's comments on counterchange. Very nice.

harrybell said...

I know Chamberlain's work, but where did he make these comments?

virtual voyage said...

It was actually Ranson's comment on Chamberlain's work in 'Oil Painting', as to how he constantly counterchanged throughout pictures for maximum effect; this book has been around for a long time, but has always given me a lot of pleasure.

I've just closed the art blog, Harry, as I need to streamline things at the moment, but thanks for looking in. btw, I mentioned your feed problem to I.T. son, but he said it could be one of a number of things, not necessarily your end if you still can get some feeds but not others.

harrybell said...

Ah yes, I know the book.

Sorry to hear you're closing down your blog, but I hope you'll keep the other one going and continue to call in here now and again.

I've made no progress with the RSS feeds issue, so have to rely on more bloggers adopting the "Following" widget.