Tuesday, 4 November 2008

RSS Feeds

Some time ago I started to use RSS feeds as a way of keeping up with a lot of the blogs I was interested in. Those I couldn't get in Google Reader, I subscribed to as RSS feeds. Everything worked fine and I found I could maintain an interest that way in many more blogs than I could by endlessly visiting them (only to find nothing new had been posted).

Something went wrong round about 18th October. Now when I access any of the blogs in Feeds, I get the message "Internet Explorer was unable to update this feed and will try again later."

Nothing I've found on the interweb helps me to put this right. I know, for instance, that it's not a fault in my firewall settings. Does anyone more knowledgeable have a clue? More importantly, are you able to tell me how to put it right in words that will actually make some sense to me?


Serena said...

Hi Harry-
Have you changed any of your passwords recently? If so, that might have upset synchronized links on your computer. Apologies, but that is the sum of my help!

Spot said...

I had similar problems last month so that's how come I decided to try 'following' instead. So far it seems to keep me up to date with most of the blogs I read - although there does always seem to be a time lag of a few days for certain blogs. And I never get an alert for certain blogs at all. I also set up my blogroll to list the title of the last postings as well.

harrybell said...

Serena -- thanks, but that can't be it. I'm so bad at remembering passwords (I've just spent 30 minutes struggling to get back into a government site because of an inability to remember how I logged in) that I tend not to change them too often.

Spot -- I've been increasing the use of 'following' too, but it doesn't help with those blogs that aren't Blogger's or who haven't activated the 'following' widget.

Anonymous said...

Katherine Tryill on makig a Mark has a artical on fessdburner problems on that may be connected with your problem?

harrybell said...

Thanks, Chris. I read that article a while back, but tho I have some other problems with Feedburner (and with addtoany), I don't think they're related to RSS problems