Thursday, 19 March 2009

Back to the Club

Church and Rooftops (work in progress)

Back to the Club today to work on this Mallorca painting. I decided I didn't like the busy sky and replaced it, at least for now, with this overall blue. More work on the tiles, some extra layering on the walls and some sharpening up of edges. I'm relatively happy with the way this is going, but my real interest is in the Tram pictures at home.

I may have bitten off a little too much today. I feel really tired, so tomorrow I may give the extra day at the Club a miss; but if I stay at home, I suspect the lure of the trams will be too great.


Annie said...

Brings memories of rural Spain, sitting on the rooftop to catch the breeze. Love those tiles.

harrybell said...

This view was from the town walls of Alcudia, but I get your drift.

winna said...

In much of your work your colors are very inviting..