Thursday, 26 March 2009

Old Drawings #35

Archways (Charcoal, compressed charcoal and pastel on cartridge paper)
These arches lie at the Newcastle end of the Tyne Bridge and carry the main London to Edinburgh rail line. I think when I was making the drawing (probably in 1996), a hint of Cubism crept into the building on the right.


vivien said...

I love these old drawings - you should get out there and do more :>)

they are so moody with lovely expressive marks

and that quote was really interesting and resonated with me.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Harry
Hope you are well.
This reminds me of the railway bridge in my born town of Accrington. The monochrome give the image quite a moody feel.

Casey Klahn said...

The whole complex of perspectives here (in spite of, or maybe along with the *Cubism*) is very satisfying. Especially the steps, pathway and handrails, etc., in the foreground.

harrybell said...

Vivien -- I know I ought to do more drawing, and always intend to do so, but I should point out that many of these Old Drawings are studio drawings, including this one.

Trevor -- I think railway arches are always interesting. And yes, a limited palette does seem to have the effect you describe.

Casey -- I find it's one of those drawings with something indefinable about it.