Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Old Drawings #34

Devon Blocks (Charcoal, compressed charcoal on cartridge paper, 21 x 33 ins.)

I did some tinkering with my Tram series today, but nothing you'd be able to see in a photograph. I'm still feeling off-colour and finding it difficult to get into my work properly. So, it's back to Old Drawings again.

I came across these old concrete blocks somewhere on the Devon Coast Path in 1996. I was on holiday there for a couple of weeks and the walks along the cliffs were spectacular. The decaying concrete of an old gun emplacement was bound to attract me, so I made this drawing, but in the finished work I exaggerated the size of the blocks to make them seem almost Neolithic.

Shortly after we passed them, we were caught in the blackest, heaviest storm I've ever encountered - you can see it approaching in the distance.

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