Friday, 29 May 2009

Barbara Rae Slideshow

My thanks to Chris Bellinger for his link to a wonderful slideshow of Barbara Rae's paintings:

But I wonder: are those at the end in the coloured frames really hers? If so, they're something of a departure.


vivien said...

wasn't it wonderful ???

love her work!

harrybell said...

Me too. I'm always deeply envious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Harry!
just to make sure about te paintings at the end I have sent a email off to the Gallery so they can confirm, that is if they want to!
i know what you mean they do not seem to fit.

Anonymous said...

Hi HarrY!
They have just got back and confirmed they are all Barbara Rae originals.
Must admit prefer landscape abstract ones.

harrybell said...

Thanks for finding out, Chris. I'm quite surprised at and not very fond of these new works.

barry edwards artist said...

Great work and great use of colour, does remind me of hopper, im an admirer of Rae too.I actually can never paint in the city prefer being out in the landscape saying that though i like your paintings.Ive recently started painting again and am getting into colour and printing.Check out my blog, if you type in barry edwards artist in google it comes up.Barry Edwards from Ireland.