Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Prague Tram No.2

Prague Tram No.2 (Oil on canvas, 24 x 24 ins)

I must try to get a better photograph of this painting, but when I took this one, the paint was still wet and terribly reflective. Coupled with the tendency of this monitor at least to do strange things with reds, this may not be too representative of the work.

The show opened at Preston Hall on Saturday. It was a fine sunny day and there was a garden show open in the grounds, so the awful possibility that no one would come to look wasn't fulfilled. There was a respectable trickle of people walking through the exhibition space. Admittedly, some were simply walking through to see where the door at the other side of the room led (nowhere), and others were looking for things to keep their kids amused; or the opposite - "Come away, Tracey, it's only some paintings!" And as usual, there was the sniggering as fingers were pointed at the prices on the labels - "£400!"

But overall, the response was good and I was pleased to be told how much some people liked my trams and how two of them - Nos.1 & 2 - reminded one person of Edward Hopper. I told her I was a big Hopper fan and she said, "Me too, but now I'm a Harry Bell fan as well".


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Your trams and trains and colors are lovely, and I'm glad you are pleased with the show. We should keep logs of the things we hear people say when looking at our art!

harrybell said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I make a point of listening; in fact, I've been known to lurk without revealing who I am, tho I'm sure this is very naughty of me!

Owen said...

The light play in the windows is marvelous.

harrybell said...

Thanks, Owen, that's the part that really interested me.