Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bands of Colour

Orange House (work in progress)

As Casey Klahn pointed out in his comment on Black Ship and Mosque, Chania, there's a certain attraction in compositions that consist of relatively simple bands of blue sandwiching a band of coloured complexity. At least, I think they're attractive and I'm pleased at least one other person sees it that way.

I find the concept so interesting that I've been looking for further examples of it to work through and for variations on the theme. This is a variation in that the sandwiching has been turned on its side and there are now vertical bands of wall sandwiching the main subject of the painting, the Orange House. Although it may be less obvious, the recently started painting Archway, is also derived from this thinking. Development of the painting may make it more obvious in due course.

In the case of these paintings, of course, the walls are not quite as featureless as the bands of sea in the earlier pictures, but it's not impossible that further paintings on this theme might produce plainer walls. Oh, a painter's life can be so exciting in its possibilities ....


Trevor Lingard said...

An interesting piece and concept Harry.
I hope you are well.
Best Regards

harry bell said...

Thanks, Trevor. I have my problems, but musn't complain.

Casey Klahn said...

One thing about your bands is that they don't present starkly as bands only. You unify the whole. I wonder how you do that with the elaborate ones, like the bridge scene on the right margin.

Good job.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Casey. It's one of thos easpcts of composition that seems to be coming to me naturally, without much thought.