Thursday, 8 July 2010

Frustration and a Fish

Chania Harbour (work in progress)

It's been a week of frustration, mostly. The latest "winter" painting is misbehaving and progress, such as it is, has been of the two steps forward, one step back sort. The painting is in a state I don't care to show at the moment, some painting out having been necessary, but once I've re-established it, I'll let you see where I am with it.

Meanwhile, I've been getting on with one or two other things, including some work at the Club today on this small picture of Chania Harbour. The light in it is peculiar and I wonder where it came from. Somewhere within the picture itself, I guess, because it wasn't in the original scene.

I came away relieved of some of my frustration and carrying a fish - Roly has been in the trout streams again and although he catches them, he doesn't like to eat them.

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