Friday, 2 July 2010

Hot and Solitary

Chania (work in progress)

Well, it was another gloriously sunny day today, so what better idea than to make my way to the Club and paint amongst my fellow painters? Of course, the studio being so hot, everybody (by which I mean all two of them) had gone home by the time I got there.

Having taken along a fresh small canvas, I figured I might as well get something done, so spent the next couple of hours laying out yet another view of part of the harbour at Chania, while muttering aloud to myself and wiping the sweat from my brow. Who are these people who say painting must be fun?


padmaja said...

Hi Harry, I looked through all your lovely works, what a wide panorama of colors, shapes and angles that are skillfully arranged in each piece.. very original and dazzling art, congrats!

harry bell said...

Many thanks, padmaja, and welcome to Boogie Street

Casey Klahn said...

Dropping by to say Hi. Hope the heat improves for you, and that you get many happy hours in studio.

harry bell said...

Hi Casey. I'm coping with the heat OK, but making slow headway with the painting.