Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back Porch Rebuilt

It may be architecturally unimpressive, but I'm delighted with my new porch.

When the winds blew in across the Valley from the north, it terrified me to go outside and down the stairs to my studio, all the time listening to the glass in the porch windows shake and rattle. I was convinced that one day the glass would shatter and take off my head. OK, I admit I watch too many slasher horror movies, but the thought persisted.

So it was a great relief to have Alan the Joiner come along, take out the old frames and insert some sturdy new ones. Not actually an easy task single-handed, given that above the wooden frames are three courses of brick and a flat roof, but he solved the problem by holding up the bricks and roof with some Acro Props.

All of which is by way of explaining why, yet again, I've managed to get no work done. As Alan was working on the porch, I couldn't get out to the stairs to the studio.


Casey Klahn said...

You have a tag called, "procrastination." That's hilarious. Looks like a worthy project to me.

harry bell said...

:0) Maybe "procrastination" was a bit excessive, but I didn't want to create another tag, "delays".

Anyway, I'm always battling to overcome procrastination, so it's probably at least a little apt.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that's an impressive back porch you've got, Harry.

Wait, what?

Bruce T.

harry bell said...

You say the nicest things.

Jean said...

Had to look up "joiner". Glad you have safe access to the studio now.

harry bell said...

Yes, I gather from friends in America that the favoured term there is "carpenter". Here, a joiner tends to be one step up from a carpenter and one step down from "cabinetmaker", although, as with all these things, it's never quite that clear cut.