Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Man Who Came Back in the Cold

The Side, with Snow (work in progress)

Funny, isn't it? I come back from Croatia where the sun shone and the temperature was on average 25C, and it takes only a few days of miserable, grey, wet and cold England to get me thinking about my snow pictures again.

Yesterday I found time to make some modifications to this one, working over the snow, defining the buildings a little and beginning to sort out the chimneys in the foreground. Feels like lots more to do, however, so I'd best get a move on.


Jean Spitzer said...

It's looking beautiful; much more snowy and also bright.

Casey Klahn said...

The sense of movement is palpable. Cool! I look forward to seeing the finish.

Kevin said...

Looking good.

harry bell said...

Thanks all. Once I get this coming weekend out of the way (I'm off to Cambridge again) I'll need to make real progress on these pictures for the Xmas show.