Tuesday, 5 October 2010

RV Eye

Marker with Photoshop colour

After some weeks of remembering to routinely put three drops from two bottles into my left eye in the right order each day, I went to the RVI today for a check-up. The pressure in both eyes now registers as normal, so hurrah! Most of the time, I've been quite blasé about the potential seriousness of the condition, but occasionally I'd secretly admit to a little worry or two.

Anyway, although the drops regimen has to continue for another four months (at least), I feel happier about it now and more able to concentrate on painting.


Anonymous said...

Was this potentially glaucoma, Harry? I can see why you would be concerned, even if you were not a painter.

harry bell said...

Yes, glaucoma was a potential outcome if the condition were to be left untreated. Not a prospect to relish.