Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off

Archway (work in progress)

I suppose there are only two ways to deal with disappointment: you can sit around and mope; or you can get on with things. Although I admit to a degree of despondency when I first found I'd been rejected from the NEAC open competition, I chose the latter. Off to the Art Club again, this time with a painting I started in July.

I made good progress with it, which lifted my spirits, and I now have a week to think about what can be seen through the archway. I know it's a sunlit wall, but ... what else?


Kevin said...

...the teeming mongol hordes, a man a lampost and his Strand...., Harry Lime..

harry bell said...

Alas, I suspect it may turn out to be something much more prosaic, Kev.

ARNOLD said...

Stairs .. moving upward and to the Right ..left might work politically but not as a composition.

A figure on those stairs ..insubstantial and shadowy but moving up-wards?

harry bell said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but I wouldn't want to indicate any connection between ground level and the balcony/bridge. And the sunlit wall lies *beyond* the balcony.

Jean Spitzer said...

The Harry Lime idea works for me. I've been thinking figure, maybe cat.