Wednesday, 13 October 2010

... and back to the chimneys

The Side, with Snow (work in progress)

Under pressure now to provide details of titles, prices and images for publicity for the Xmas show, I'm moving quicker on this painting. I do find I work better under pressure.

Using charcoal, I've sorted out some of the confusion of roofs under snow and delineated the chimneys, so it's easier now to work on the various planes. My usual problem with red makes me wonder if the red building is too red, but perhaps it's the snow that's too blue. We'll see how that develops in the next session.

The use of charcoal reminds me that I've often considered employing line in my paintings, but so far that has never happened before. Something for the future, perhaps.


Jean Spitzer said...

The colors look good to me, but I like strong colors.

harry bell said...

I know you're fond of red and blue, and work well with it.But you may be unaware of my red/green eyesight deficiency. I've added in the link to the post where I first dealt with it. I do know that I don't see red the same way as others.