Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I spent much of the day parcelling up a painting to send off to a client in the USA. Making sure a parcel is secure and likely to arrive intact is one of those tasks fraught with worry, but I think the box I constructed from Foamcore should hold up OK.

With luck, the couriers may realise this parcel is fragile.


Ian said...

Have you seen these?


I haven't used them but they look quite good.

harry bell said...

I think I had them bookmaarked but had forgotten about them. Thanks for reminding me. Pity they don't do square, but ...

Anonymous said...

I was a little worried when I ordered a couple of your paintings, Harry. That is, if they'd arrive in San Francisco OK. They got here in excellent condition. Impressive work. I used to be a shipping and recieving clerk so I know.

Bruce T.

harry bell said...

Sending paintings to far-flung former colonies is always fraught with fear. I'm glad yours arrived safely and hope they still give you pleasure.