Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Random Textures

Random Textures 
(Random pieces of texture, copied in two colours)

The Museum Sketchbook has come to an end and I intend now to move on to another - the Malta Sketchbook. Before doing so, however, I have a sketchbook with only this solitary piece in it. 

In 1994 the office introduced a Xerox machine that all the staff had access to, rather than sending work for out of office copying. As a result I went through a short period of experimentation with the Xerox process and this is the only remaining result. I copied various pieces of printed texture, together with a roll of tape, first on blue paper, then on yellow paper. This work is a collage of pieces of blue and yellow prints.


Bryn Fortey said...

I like the 'wood' effect in this single Office Texture. There is something both gnarly calming about it. Does 'Boogie Street' and a mention of 'The Jazz Police' mean you are a Leonard Cohen fan?

harry bell said...

Thanks, Bryn, glad you like it.

I've always liked Leonard Cohen, but from "I'm Your Man" onwards I've been a firm follower.

Sheila Vaughan said...

It has a fabulous moon crater feel to it coupled with religious icons. Yes to Leonard Cohen and yes to films (but only ones with subtitles).

harry bell said...

Thanks, Sheila. The collage was thrown together randomly, so I hadn't spotted the religious icon aspect which must have lurked in my subconscious.