Thursday, 10 May 2007


Naxos (Oil on canvas; 20 x 20 ins.)

I was a bit pushed for time today and couldn't find my source material for a new painting to start at the Art Club. This is becoming something of a regular occurrence and must be Attended To.

Anyway, I decided to finish off another picture which has been lying around for almost a year. This is how it looked when I started today.

Naxos (interim stage)
You can see it didn't need much more to get it to stand up and talk for itself and I think I'm just about done with it.
I like the island of Naxos a lot. I must have been there something like half a dozen times and always find the gloomy passageways of the old town, the Kastro, fascinating. The buildings are mostly Venetian, of course, and probably sowed the seeds of my passion for Venice itself.


Birdman said...

Ah, Venice. One of the few places I have visited that exceeded my expectations. I went up the belltower of San Giorgio Maggiore facing St Mark's Square and it was like being in a Caneletto painting.

Birdman said...

Tell you another place I love. Calvi in Corsica. Have a furtle on Google. If you haven't been to Corsica, I think you would be enchanted by it.

Mr Zip said...

Twice welcome, Birdie. Oddly, I didn't go up the S. Giorgio Maggiore campanile until my second visit last year. Stunning views. I could have stayed there for hours, watching the lagoon traffic come and go.

Corsica I've never been to, although it comes highly recommended by other friends. Will have to see what can be done with meagre funds.

jafabrit said...

I have never been but your painting is fabulous and makes me feel like wandering between all the buildings.

Mr Zip said...

Thanks Jafabrit. I'm sure you'd like it. There used to be a great little taverna there that did wonderful fresh grilled sardines.

leslyf said...

Lovely painting, Harry!

Had grilled sardines in Spain and in Portugal but never had Greek ones (not been there). They don't eat sardines (or herring) here in New Zealand ... they are used as fish bait ... SACRILEDGE!

By the way, I have tagged you as "In the Spotlight" HERE .... enjoy!

Mr Zip said...

No herring? But that means ... NO KIPPERS! *gasp*

Wow, handed a meme tag. Hope this doesn't turn out to be a poisoned chalice.

Winchester whisperer said...

I like that. What about a Golden Gate pair for your Millenium Bridge?

Mr Zip said...

Welcome back, WW. I suspect a more likely pairing will be the infinitely superior Gateshead Millennium Bridge.