Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Trees & Water

Trees & Water - 1st stage

As part of an attempt to revitalise the Art Club and generate greater membership involvement in the wake of The Secretary Fiasco, there's now an on-going themed competition at the Club.

Last month we were invited to put up a still-life painting and members were encouraged to vote on the "best". I think there was a bottle of wine involved, not least in several of the entries. I didn't bother putting anything on the wall, but this month the subject chosen is "Trees and Water."

I wanted to see if I could get anything out of the many photographs I took on the recent trip to The Lakes and an off-cut piece of MDF winked at me and flaunted its interesting shape (it's actually a double square). So here's today's beginning. Inevitably, I find the greens worrying, but overall I'm quite pleased with the way it's going.

More work, especially on the trees, tomorrow.


jafabrit said...

I really like this, has an abstract quality to it and I like the shape of the board you painted it on.

Mr Zip said...

Thanks Jafabrit. I find the square very seductive, but more recently I've found it limiting in some of the things I wanted to paint. Dunno if a DOUBLE square is much of a break, but it's a start.