Saturday, 30 August 2008

Still Life with Botticelli

Still Life with Botticelli (Oil on canvas, 15 x 12 ins.)

I'm still hoping to hear from some of you with tips on how to approach the upcoming NewcastleGateshead Art Fair. Meanwhile, I'm working on the principle that the best use of my two linear metres of space will be to show small works, so I'm sorting through my stock to see what might fit the bill.

Last night I decided to do something with this picture. It's been with me for a year or two, but was much bigger and had a landscape in the background. I know what I wanted it to do, but it never quite came off. In the studio I found another, smaller picture which definitely hadn't worked out, so I stripped off the canvas, cut down the Aphrodite picture to the elements I liked, and re stretched it onto the smaller stretcher.

I think I like the result. What about you?


Anonymous said...

have you thought about getting a card reader from your bank, i know Nat west does them for online banking, but I suppose it would mean taking your pc along, however. do you know any other exhibitors and how do they overcome the problem?
You should be able to reply to my blog on wordpress, xlick on comments and if yoa are signed your name and blog will be on the screen, I tried it just now from artythings, worked ok so u left a message harry bell says....

harrybell said...

Thanks, Chris. We're looking into the possibility of getting hold of a card reader and one of us has a laptop.

I'll check out the comments on your blog again, but I think it wanted me to register with Wordpress.

Anonymous said...

It only asks for your blog address and email and if you rememebe to keep signedin at boogie street you should not have to worry about anything as your blog and emaill will appear on screen and you will get a nice patttern thingy as well, it is only for comments and will not appear anywhere else, honest Ian Gordon Graig managed to leeave comment ok, and I think the laptop and card reader is the best bet