Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Newcastle-Gateshead Art Fair

The next, and probably final, Figure 8 project of the year will be the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair next month. And despite the fact that it only takes up three days, it's been excercising our minds considerably.

The problem is that we don't know what to expect. We have good experience of gallery exhibitions, but an Art Fair is something new to us. I think it's a fact that none of us has ever even been to one. We're treating it as something of an experiment, just to see how it works, with no great expectation of sales. However, should we find ourselves in the happy position of people falling over themselves to buy our work, we have definite problems. We have no credit card facilities and the organisers aren't providing any, so we'll be reliant on punters with wads of cash or carrying cheque books, and who carries a cheque book these days?

I know that at least some of you out there in the blogosphere have experience of art fairs. If you'd care to share the benefit of that experience with tips, caveats and general advice, I'd be very grateful. If you'd rather email me than try to get it into the Comments, you can do so at harrybellartist at gmail dot com. You'll be doing me a big favour. Thanks.

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