Friday, 22 August 2008

Gate to Bollywood

The Gate (work in progress)

It's a couple of weeks since I put in an appearance at the Art Club, what with the trip to Cambridge and other distractions. When I do go there, it's usually to find most of the regulars have either left or are packing up. In a way, this is the pattern of my life: I think I live in a different time frame from everyone else, slightly out of phase.

Anyway, I was in for a surprise yesterday. The place was heaving. Admittedly heaving with people getting ready to go home, but the point was that they were new people. The Club has been leafleting various venues round the area and it seems to be paying off. This is excellent news, because the membership is aging and we need new blood to ensure the Club continues.

After a round of introductions and a catch-up chat with the Grumbler, I made an effort to get this picture of The gate moving. I'm really not sure about it. At one point towards the end of the session, I'd almost made up my mind to scrap it, but I think I'll carry on a little longer.

On the way out, the Grumbler and I had to step aside to allow an Asian film crew to carry in a load of camera and recording equipment. Many of the offices in the building are empty at the moment and the owners are struggling to find occupants. It might be rather nice to have Bollywood as our neighbours!


Anonymous said...

Like this painting a lot. maybe a bit more work on the building at the endof the street?
The figuers are very good and give life to a urban scene.
By the way I am now ar wordpress!

harry bell said...

There'll be a bit more work just about everywhere, Chris - I'm nothing if not a tireless overworker.

I'd noted your change of address. Thanks.

ian gordon said...

First of all Chris!.... I can't leave comments on wordpress, even with open ID. Just thought I'd let you now.


I reckon the colours on this one are getting a bit Bollywood. (Early days).

harry bell said...

Ian --

I'm beginning to think it's getting away from me and wondering if I want to recapture it just for the sake of making it work. Current opinion is that it would be of no great use to me even if I got it under control.

ian gordon said...

Either way, I think it's destined to be another harrybell Special; the kind where you go back to it after a lapse of some considerable time, and turn it into something excellent.

harry bell said...

I blush in your general direction.

harry bell said...

Chris - in case you're still listening: I can't leave comments on your blog either.

Unknown said...

smashin' colours