Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Words of Praise

We took down the Colourworks exhibition yesterday, or at least the Caretaker and his mate did that, and wrapped all of the pictures. We just loaded them in the cars and took them home. The Curator was pleased with the response she'd had from visitors and suggested we show there again, albeit in about four or five years. This seems to be the expected timetable for repeat performances at municipal galleries.

She also gave us each copies of the comments from the gallery's Comments Book and I've enjoyed reading through them today. Unusually, there were none of the irrelevancies, like the one at another gallery: "There should be a toilet on the first floor." Indeed, apart from one comment about the alleged high prices (we've had that one before), and another that suggested it "could've been better," they were all very positive. You'll pardon me if I massage our collective ego by picking out some of the best:

Most exciting exhibition I've seen in a while. Brilliant.

Strong stuff! Wonderful. Thank you.

Keep working together; it''s produced cracking art.

Texture, colour and feeling, exactly what I like in my paintings!!

Very enjoyable. Something for all tastes. Cheered up a rainy day.

Well worth the trip from Lancashire! Diverse & exciting!

Ya knaa Missus! There's a lorra talent roond them Dales, like. Ding-Dong Harry Bell, gannin' doon the underpass wi' yella mack. Venetian ice-cream wi' Maureen Stephenson. Whee's gannin' plodgin' in Cauldron Snout. And starry nights to fall in love wi' some bonny lass by Frank Briffa. Missus! Ah likes them ALL. Keep up the good work. It brings joy to the likes of me.

Thanks - Good to see some committed genuine work - the prices are not high - lots of graft and skill.

I really enjoyed this exhibition. Very high standard - quality paintings. It seems to have been put together very thoughtfully - abstracts work well alongside the landscapes. Reassuring that this gallery can put on such a quality show.


Anonymous said...

Good on you for blowing your own trumpet, and congratulations on the repeat booking.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Pam, although I am, of course, blowing a *collective* trumpet! And just to clarify, the repeat booking is far from definite. It means we have to get in touch with them in four or five years, by which time they may have a new curator who doesn't like what we do. It's happened before.