Thursday, 21 January 2010

Back at the Club

Rock Study (work in progress)

There was a powerful load of inertia built up over that Xmas and New Year break. Yesterday, although I felt I'd recovered sufficiently from my Week of Constant Coughing to detect a resurgence of interest in painting, I simply couldn't settle on anything specific.

Today I figured that the only way forward was to go to the Art Club, catch up on some gossip and simply launch into the only painting there left to work on. And this is it, now almost finished; just some branches to indicate, which I think are necessary to draw the composition together.


April Jarocka said...

I really love tis one Harry. It's so different to way I would approach rocks - you know me, I have to paint every flipping atom!! lol But looser work speaks to me and I like all the colour you have used in this one. Maybe one day I'll let myself go and paint something as satisfying as this. Glad you have settled down to release all that creativity for 2010!

harry bell said...

Thanks, April. For a long time I was torn over the tight realism/looser approach, but eventually settled on what seems to work best with how I handle the brush. And I tend to believe my mentor's view that "it's better to suggest than to describe". But that doesn't invalidate your approach :0)

Casey Klahn said...

I would also say that you have gotten your locale down well, not to mention the mix of intensities in color that I like so much. My compliments!

I like that word inertia. That has me by the throat, too. Just as I recovered from Xmas, etc., and finally got out to the studio a bit more, my schedule reared it's beastly head. Anyway, i did get half a day this morning, with some happiness to show for it.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Casey. It's a difficult picture for me, because the colours are not in my usual vocabulary. They do, however, capture the area and time.

Sorry to hear you've got inertia, too. Hope you can build on your half day's work.