Thursday, 7 January 2010

Revised Opinion

OK, now we've got snow! After showers of snow every day this week, the depth of snow is certainly equal to many I remember as a child. Amazingly, I've begun to hear again the rumble-rumble----thud! as snow, warmed by the afternoon sun, loosens its grip on the tiles and rolls off the roof.

And there are icicles! I'd almost forgotten how much I loved those glorious, glittering watery confections, now to be seen dangling from the eves of the house,some of them reaching almost three feet in length.

If nothing else, my inner child has been re-awakened by this winter.


Anonymous said...

Dangling spears of icy death! We don't see em too much in this part of California. Fog doesn't stick to the eaves in the same way.

Bruce T.

Cathy Holtom said...

I had a look at your web site, it's well done and easy to get round, plus of course the artwork is impressive. Looking forward to seeing some more!
Stay warm.