Monday, 4 January 2010

Medallion Man

I was delighted to read on Casey Klahn's blog, The Colorist, that he'd awarded me a medal for one of my posts. Casey has been a firm supporter of my attempts to find a way through what for me was a colour minefield and has applauded my efforts just at the time when I needed encouragement most.

His own work is outstanding and his blog a delight to read. I urge you to follow up his other recommendations and take some time to look over his blog.


Casey Klahn said...

In between road trips to Seattle, and mending wounded kitties, I am reading here, Harry.

Your web site looks really great - I am envious. It shows your fine art in a light that is a compliment to this blog.

harry bell said...

Thanks Casey! Have a great trip and enjoy seeing your work in its new home.

Now that the New Year is over, I must get back to the website and upload some other paintings.