Friday, 12 March 2010

Another Rock

Split Rock (work in progress)

There was a private view in town this evening, so I decided I'd go to the Club this afternoon and go on to the preview from there. This turned out to be a not terribly good idea, given that by the time I got to the preview, I'd been on my feet continuously for five hours, so shuffling round the gallery became a test of endurance.

However, on the positive side, at the Club I got yet another rock painting going. There are trees to put in on the brow of the hill. I know I eventually took the background trees out of the Sawrey Farm painting, but - at least for the moment - I think the skyline trees are necessary to make this picture balance. But you never know, I've been wrong before (just don't tell Pat that).


theseamonster said...

I have just looked at your Split Rock painting, and all I can see is a lion on the right side looking at the other rock - the lion is smiling and seems to have a long left arm. Very disconcerting. I know it's work in progress, but it's funny how some things sometimes leap out of a painting and from then on you (one) can't see anything else. I'm not being mean - I love your stuff. Perhaps it's because it's unfinished.

harry bell said...

Either that, or it's the sleep of reason producing monsters. I can't see a lion, but there may be a boob there. Only time will tell, but the boob won't survive, I expect.