Thursday, 25 March 2010

Critical Mass

Clothes Shop (work in progress)

Like Bob Dylan in Maggie's Farm, I got a head full of ideas/ That are drivin' me insane, which is why I keep beginning new paintings: I need to keep getting them out of my head and onto canvas. So, rather than finishing one of the pictures at the Club today, I took in the new Clothes Shop (which I began just before going off to Corflu) and worked on that. I think it's coming along quite well.

This means, however, that I now have four paintings on the go and that's approaching critical mass, by which I mean that unless I want one of them to start slipping into the background and not be thought about again for maybe some months, I have to start finishing off.


April Jarocka said...

Ohh that sounds SO familiar. I had my orders to finish what I have lying around before I start new ones recently. Head bursting with ideas for new paintings always dampens the painting passion for what you have on the go, making it an uphill task. I know..
Best of luck with it.

ps. Cor- FLU??

harry bell said...

Thanks. I'm starting the finishing process today (I hope).

"Corflu" is a contraction of "Correcting Fluid", a viscous substance we used to use for making corrections to duplicating stencils, which were used to print fanzines in the days before Xerox and inkjet printers. All arcane stuff, eh?

April Jarocka said...

Are we on the same page Harry? That's the best wriggle out of a typo I've seen in ages! I'll write that one down, my friend. LOL

harry bell said...

No, really, it wasn't a typo, I was on the level.