Monday, 15 March 2010

Right Turn

Right Turn (Oil on board, 18 x 17 ins) £420

It seems I'm faced with a dearth of exhibiting opportunities this year. Many of the galleries I've shown in during the last couple of years are now booked up for the next couple of years. So, whenever an opportunity arises to get paintings out of the studio and onto a wall, I take it.

The Federation of Northern Art Societies is about to hold its annual exhibition at Preston Hall Museum in Stockton-on-Tees and as a member of the North of England Art Club, I was entitled to submit two paintings for consideration. Which I did. When I got home today after a weekend in Tynemouth, there was a phone message to say that, not only have my paintings been accepted, this one, Right Turn, showing a street in Crete, has been Highly Commended. There's a cheque attached to the Commendation, too.

No major exhibitions maybe, but this year seems to be turning into one of Success by Drip Feed.


Lynda said...

Congratulations, Harry. 'Right Turn',showing a street in Crete, caught my eye as soon as I opened your blog.

harry bell said...

Thank you, Lynda.

April Jarocka said...

Hey hey!! Drinks are on you then Harry. Congratulations my friend. The painting is beautiful and I am not just saying that to be a friendly blogging visitor..I REALLY liked this one.
Reminds me of the terrible traffic system in Sydney when we got lost and we needed to turn right..all we saw were signs saying NO RIGHT TURN. It drove my husband up the wall!!
Enjoy the cheque and enjoy the exhibition.

harry bell said...

Many thanks, April. This is one of those paintings that's been through several reworkings, but I was happy enough with it to submit it to the show (although I almost chose another). Glad I did now!

I'll enjoy the cheque, but won't get to the opening to receive it. I'll be in Winchester at the time, so have appointed someone to wear a Harry Bell mask.

FTL said...

Congratulations, Harry! Look forward to hearing more details in Winchester.
Posted on board BA flight 178, waiting to take off at JFK.


harry bell said...

Thanks, Bill! Have a good flight - see you soon!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Like the geometry of this one nearly as much as I like the palette. That strip of dark sienna down the middle is magic. Congrats Harry! Can't keep up with you.

harry bell said...

Many thanks, Sheila.