Thursday, 11 March 2010

Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Sawrey Farm (work in progress)

Back to the Club today where I was hailed as some kind of hero for my page in Artists & Illustrators. This was, of course, deeply embarrassing and I busied myself with painting out the background trees from the Sawrey Farm picture.

I think this is a big improvement and leaves the painting almost complete. A bit more work on the upper parts of the trees and I may make the sky a little more complex in colour (without destroying the overall flattish quality, I hope).


April Jarocka said...

This is really coming along beautifully. I like the fact you are drawn to things that would often go unnoticed.

vivien said...

yes, I read that article :>) (and recognised the work before reading your name) well done!!!

harry bell said...

April - I've always been drawn to unusual things. People at work *hated* my holiday photos ;0)

Vivien - Thank you.