Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Another Black Ship

Black Ship and Mosque (work in progress)

I thought I'd get the day off to a good start today by laying out this new small picture of the black ship in Chania harbour, the disused mosque in the background.

Sometimes I'm really surprised when the first layers of colour turn out to be as vivid as these, because it's not something I generally do deliberately. Colour is something I think about when the composition is established, but maybe my constant colour thoughts are coming to the fore more than they once did.


Anonymous said...

Harry, I used to work for a large law firm in downtown San Francisco. The window nearest my office looked out onto the Bay. You could, in fact, see part of the Bay Bridge that goes over to Oakland through it. One day I saw a black object proceeding through the Bay out of the corner of my eye. Turned out it was a large submarine. Your fine painting reminds me of that sighting.

harry bell said...

Bruce -- Although I incline to the theory that a painting should look good at any stage of it's construction, it may be a tad premature to call this one "fine" at this stage. Nevertheless, thanks for the compliment and for the interesting anecdote :o)