Friday, 25 June 2010

Winter Again

Turnbull Winter (work in progress)

It's been a funny old week, with some tests for an ongoing eye problem which I won't go into here. I used what was left of the week to catch up with the guys at the Club, but did no work there. However, I made a start today on another possible Winter painting.

This is a view across the Tyne from Gateshead to the Newcastle shore, with the Turnbull Building on the crest of the river bank. It's unusual for me in that it's a low viewpoint. Normally I go for something high above the subject because it enables me to flatten things out and emphasise the abstract pattern. Nevertheless, I rather like this current approach as it allows me to work with horizontal banding again.

It's a reasonably large picture (36 x 36 ins) and those big areas of flat colour take some filling. But they should prove interesting as new layers are applied and the colour becomes, I hope, more complex and subtle.


theseamonster said...

The large building in the work in progress reminids me of the redbrick threadworks in Paisley.

harry bell said...

I don't think I've ever been to Paisley. This is one of my favourite buildings in Newcastle, the former Turnbull Warehouse. I've painted it several times, most recently in the painting in the sidebar, under "MY WEBSITE".