Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Very First Sketchbook (#9)

Thunderstorm, Club Elli, Rhodes. 23.9.86
(Fine point marker and grey Magic marker in A5 sketchbook)  

To the north of the Old Town lies Mandraki Harbour and at the far end of that  is this building, Club Elli. It's still something of a nightspot, I understand. I'd been thinking about drawing it for a few days when suddenly I found myself caught in a thunderstorm. Sheltering in a doorway, waiting for the rain to stop, I figured now was as good a time as any to get the club on paper.

When I'd finished the drawing, it was still chucking it down, so I walked back to my apartment in the rain. The rain was warm and, dressed as I was in shorts and a t-shirt, I didn't mind getting soaked. And as is often the way of things in the Aegean, before I got to the apartment the sun came out and I was almost dry by the time I arrived.


Unknown said...

I like the way the sky and lower shadows set off the building.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Mary. I like that too.

Ramona Davidson said...

Like the results of your adventurous day. Good work.

harry bell said...

Thanks, Ramona.