Monday, 27 August 2012

Very First Sketchbook (#8)

In the Moat, Rhodes, 17.9.86 
(Fine point marker and grey Magic marker in A5 sketchbook) 

Before leaving on this trip, I'd been reading Drawing with Markers by Richard Welling. As a result, when I went into the moat again, this time I was armed with a grey felt tip in addition to my fine point. I was quite pleased with the result at the time and I continued to use this combination, off and on, for some time to come.


Ian Bertram said...

Drawing has never been my strong point. Would you still recommend this book? I see s/h copies are available on Amazon for under £5, so I may give it a punt (once I'm out of hospital.)

harry bell said...

I've always been able to draw to a greater or lesser extent and have only turned to how-to books for technical advice or variations in style.

Having said that, this is not a bad book. I eventually came to forget about the grey tonal effects, but Wellings is very good at line drawing. Many of the drawings in the book are shown stage by stage which could be very useful to someone inexperienced. If you can learn to draw something purely with line without relying on any tonal values or effects, I think you should be well pleased.

For a fiver I think it's worth a punt. If you don't agree, I'll buy you a pint at the Reunion this Autumn, by which time I hope you'll be fit and well and out of hospital.

Ian Bertram said...

If I'm still in hospital come October it will be a mental institution, because I am slowly going up the wall with boredom!