Wednesday, 25 January 2017

My Dad's Diary : Sat 25th January 1947

"Still no coals.

Saw Gateshead beat Rotherham 2-0.

Saw 'Concerto' at Coatsworth."

Five days of no coals."

 Although the Odeon was the cinema of choice, there were of course, several other cinemas in Gateshead. The Coatsworth was an easy walk from the house.

I can't trace a film called simply 'Concerto' from that period.


Anonymous said...

'Concerto' or 'I've always loved you' was a film released in 1946:

It looks as I'd Gateshead were in the football league as well, back then.

Enjoying your dad's little one line memory pictures


harry bell said...

That seems to be the film, Kev, thanks.
Gateshead were indeed in the league then, before being unjustly thrown out (I'm told).
I'm glad you like the diary entries.