Monday, 2 January 2017

My Dad's Diary : Thurs 2nd January 1947


Gateshead Odeon to see 'The Bride Wore Boots' and 'The Overlanders'."

The Cash Account pages at the back of the diary show that his pay on January 2nd, including overtime, was £6.5.8.

Going to the pictures was always a weekly treat. The Bride Wore Boots is a romantic comedy starring Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Cummings. I don't recall ever having seen it or The Overlanders subsequently. 

Apparently, The Overlanders came about because the Australian government were concerned that Australia's contribution to the war effort was not being sufficiently recognised. They contacted Britain's Ministry of Information, who in turn spoke with Michael Balcon at Ealing Studios, who was enthusiastic about the idea of making a film in Australia.

Given that Dad had recently returned from fighting the Japanese and his older brother was living in Australia, I can see why the plot would appeal: 

"In 1942 the Japanese army is thrusting southwards and Australia fears invasion. Bill Parsons becomes concerned, and leaves his homestead in northern Australia along with his wife and two daughters, Mary and Helen. They join up with a cattle drive heading south led by Dan McAlpine. Others on the drive include the shonky Corky; British former sailor, Sinbad; Aboriginal stockmen, Nipper and Jackie."

I have no idea what "shonky" means.

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