Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Man fells Tree

Last Saturday should have been another Sketch Crawl for me. The Sketch Crawlers were meeting in Nudo Noodle House in Chinatown before going on to the Discovery Museum again. Although I'd drawn in the Discovery Museum before, I was sure there'd be something new for me to look at, but as it turned out, I couldn't go.

In an attempt to finally get my old house on the market ( I moved out over two years ago), I'd arranged for someone to look at my overgrown golden cypress and quote for its removal.

The quote was good, but the best time for him to take it down was Saturday. So no Sketch Crawl for me, although the photographs are calling to me to find a painting in them.


Anonymous said...

Makes me feel sad to see the destruction of a tree! Somebody planted it and it did what it was supposed to do. It became an inconvenience and now has to be removed. It makes me feel especially sad to see the guy who is cutting it down, has a smile on his face!
I am an artist myself and I would prefer to be inspired to paint something other than this!

harry bell said...

I've lived with that tree for more than twenty years. In that time it grew from below the kitchen window to beyond the roof guttering and offered me eye level views of collared doves and wood pigeons nesting. Do you think I was pleased to authorise its removal?

The man who planted it, planted what he thought was a dwarf conifer next to the garden path, a path I was never able to walk down because by the time I bought the house the path was completely lost beneath the tree. Still I didn't have it cut down. But now I need to sell the house and the tree contravened building regulations by becoming too close to the house. If I didn't have it removed I would almost certainly have to reduce the asking price by something like like £1000, so that the new buyer could get it cut down.

The man in the photograph is a properly trained tree surgeon. He knows how to look after trees and, in passing, noted that the tree was becoming diseased. He was smiling because he and his brother had just toppled the top of the tree into my garden without catching on telephone wires or wrecking the fence. I see no problem with a man smiling at a job well done.

All of the tree will be recycled and if I am able to find an unusual figure painting in the day's work, something good will have come out of it.

Thank you for your comment. I wish you well with your inspiration.