Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Dad's Diary : Fri 7th February 1947

"Snow still lying.

Hospital at night. Both O.K."


Geri Sullivan said...

If I'm counting correctly, we're up to 10 days in the hospital! I know that several days used to be common, but was expecting you and your mum to be home within 5. Hope you're home soon, and that everything continues to be "O.K."!

harry bell said...

I don't know how long mothers and babied were kept in hospital in those days, but seven to ten days were certainly not unusual. It's worth bearing in mind that there was a lot of poor quality housing and inadequate sanitary arrangements after the war, so preventing the possibility of infection might have been a high consideration. The house my Mam and I were coming home to had an outside toilet and a tin bath hanging on the backyard wall.