Monday, 6 February 2017

My Dad's Diary : Thurs 6th February 1947

"Rufus found - out all night.

Registered baby - Henry Robert!

Got 2 cwt p.m. extra coal up to 7 April.

1 day A.L."

Some explanation of the third line may be necessary for ignorant foreigners and those too young to remember: We were being allocated an extra coal ration of two hundredweight per month until 7 April. A hundredweight is equal to 112 pounds in weight.

A.L. = Annual Leave.


FTL said...

I remember the coal merchant delivering the coal in hundredweight sacks, but I have no idea how many a month we went through in a typical winter.

harry bell said...

Yes, I remember that too, and for a short while in my first house (1973) I ordered it and had it delivered that way.