Monday, 21 June 2004


Yes, I have a pronounced limp and cannot resist trotting out, inappropriate though that verb may be, the old Spike Milligna joke - I have a pronounced limp. L.I.M.P, pronounced "limp."

Dunno how it happened, but I seem to have strained some intricate little cog or rubber band in my heel. It's slightly swollen and hurts to put weight on it. Disappointingly, this meant I didn't get to walk on the beach at Tynemouth yesterday. Last time I was there the tide was in, so the best we could do was walk along the prom, making clucking noises at the jet-skiers disrupting the peace.

This time I didn't even get out onto the prom, except when I hobbled for a bus back to Newcastle. I had to make do with watching from the window one or two surfers in wetsuits (it is the North Sea!) ride a few not very big waves. No hanging ten today.

It being the longest day of the year, I suppose I should have been celebrating some arcane shamanic ritual, but I just put my foot up and finished the remains of a bottle of schnapps.

How was your longest day? Anybody dancing naked round a stone circle?

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