Sunday, 6 June 2004

Shmoozing up the South Tyne

It was a good Saturday. Mo and Mr Grumpy picked up Patsy123 and me and we drove out Hexham way.

Two friends of mine had sent invitations to previews of their Art Tour shows. As we drove Westwards, the weather deteriorated a little. It had, of course, been hot and sunny in Gateshead, but by the time we were skirting Hexham, a spot or two of drizzle came our way. But what's a spot or two of drizzle between friends? We were welcomed as long lost buddies at each show - or at least I was, for that's kind of what I am - and the work was good to see. The first was excellent, and there were some genuine improvements to be admired at the second.

I spent a little time envying people who live in lovely old stone-built houses in the country until Patsy123 reminded me that a) you need a car to live there, and b) you spend a fortune trying to make and keep them habitable.

I also felt a modicum of envy when confronted with V's spacious and tidy studio. Then I reminded myself that a) she'd have tidied up the place in time for the Art Tour visitors to come poking about, and b) if I took my own advice and cleared out a lot of the junk from my own studio, it would be considerably bigger than hers.

[Note to self: Clear Out That Junk! ]

I also must look further into the giclee printing side of things. I learned a good deal about the mechanics of it on this trip, and it's clearly a nice little earner for my two friends. I, too, must get a finger in this pie.

For some reason, I don't believe I've ever been on the roads North of Haydon Bridge, but driving round Warden and places like that was eye-opening. The South Tyne valley is very lovely, I know, but here's an area I really should make an effort to visit again.

Back in time to drink some drink and make a big vegetable curry which will last many days and see me regular as clockwork. If I say so myself (and on this occasion I didn't need to, because Patsy123 said it for me), I make a really good curry.

Tomorrow (Sunday) may be more angst-ridden as I go to meet the Patsymum for the first time. But after that, the decks will be cleared for blogging again. There are important strands to catch up with, All Bran and copperheads not being the least of my blogging concerns.

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