Monday, 23 June 2008

Old Drawings

Mug with Apples (2B pencil, cartridge paper, )

Maybe it's something to do with the Summer Solstice, but I'm going through a period of retrenchment, reflecting on what's been achieved in the first half of the year, what's not been achieved, and taking stock of where I might be going as the days begin to shorten.

Some of this is due to a feeling of deflation after the work involved in putting together sufficient work for four exhibitions this year and the knowledge that there are still some outstanding issues with the last of these. Time to calm down and do some gentle thinking.

As I'm not bashing on with my painting, I decided that I'd make an effort to get my drawings photographed. It's been an interesting couple of days. Pulling out portfolios which I'd not looked at for years, meant that I found drawings dating back to my 'A' Level Art evening classes in 1971/2. Photographing them has also proven interesting, because the older drawings have come out looking like they're old.

Now that the drawings are safely stored on the Boogie Street computer, I thought it might be amusing (to me at least - you must tell me if the idea doesn't appeal) to start posting them here. Some are good, some not so good, but that doesn't matter. But how often should I post them? One a day seems too many, one a week not enough. Maybe it'll just be as and when the mood takes me, but what do you think?

I wish I'd always dated my drawings, but I'm pretty certain the drawing above is the oldest drawing I have (apart from some schoolboy work in the margins of notebooks). It must have been done in 1972, as part of those evening classes. Even then, I was obviously fascinated by extremes of light and shade.


vivien said...

well you were showing a LOT of talent way back when :>)

yes, show more

harrybell said...

Wonder what happened to it? Driven out by four years of Uni, perhaps?

OK, more to come in due course.

vivien said...