Sunday, 29 June 2008

Old Drawings #3

Poron with Books and Fruit (2B pencil, cartridge paper, 16.5 x 12 ins.)

Another traditionally arranged still life set-up, again from about 1973. The idea in all of these was to set them up like a little city, with some books under the cloth making a kind of mountain on which to arrange some of the important elements of the still life, in this case, more books and an earthenware poron.

I used to find this kind of drawing deeply satisfying, but I'm not sure I would be able to get into it now.


Anna said...

Oh, I wish I could do that. It's clean, cool, tonally interesting. To see the skill in drawing well gives me enormous satisfaction.

harrybell said...

I'm genuinely glad you get some pleasure from this. I still like this kind of drawing a lot, but over the years I've been encouraged to loosen up, be more gestural, be more *myself*, so that it would be a great effort to try to do this now. Yet I sometimes wonder if this isn't actually more *myself* anyway?